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The Story Of A Low Budget King [entries|friends|calendar]
Hungry Jay - Low Budget King

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Thats Mr. Jay Budget [21 Aug 2004|10:39am]
IM going to roll that frame home today, built a long time ago with the dreams of work at mind, Im going to roll that frame home and it just might make me have a stable state of mind.

A few turns here and some new rubber there, and things will be just fine, small block and a four speed, double clutch so that IT DONT GRIND, and every thing will be just fine.

Low Budget but we will get some things done, it takes awhile with these day jobs, it'll take a few more moments in time before we will reach that moment in time, I keep my crown on though, I hold my head high, with these gasoline dreams by my side.

If We Cant - We Wont

-Jay Budget
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LOW BUDGET KING [23 Jul 2004|02:10pm]
The stude, yeah its coming along nice
Props Out To LBK Santa Rose -
Work Sucks as usual
I need To get this frame straight like yesterday
White walls out, rally's in
Broke as fuck but moving along

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Santa' Budget [12 Jul 2004|03:29pm]
Yeah, Santa Rosa Kids, and LBK do it right, every time.

Just wanted to shout out, Johnny, Cat, Jew, Danny, Jill, and the Crew, for making my weekend rock more ass than every one else's.

Studebaker style homie--

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1st annual LBK 4th of July [05 Jul 2004|06:47pm]

- A few Close Faces
- A Few Pretty Ladies
- Food Soaked In Beer
- A Really Good Deal
- Things That Go Boom
- Reflections Of People Who Used to be Down
- Plans For The Future

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Or not to be seen [27 Jun 2004|07:34pm]
The looks from the crowd can not touch me today
The looks from the ones who usually get looked at
The looks I remeber from a past day
Raise your hand and choice yourself
Break yourself, and lay upon the flood
Spread yourself thin, so people cant find your theory
The looks from the on-lookers cant fade me in my sleep
The looks I give myself in the mirrior hurt the most
The looks from those who have failed in life
Write something on the walls of your soul
Create and destroy at the same time
Grow up only to die in the end

The meaning of spin?
Glance to Dare to Motion to Abortion to Numbers In The Night
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Lovelifelessnights [26 Jun 2004|08:15pm]
This is the part where I break down, I fold and quit, I give in gracefully. This is the moment in which I tell you I love you. This is the moment where I put my heart in your hands, the girl I love. The person I confide in. Return to the more innocent side of life. Lets run outta here and forget about the black that eats at our in sides.

Lay your head on me and I will tell you about the brighter side of your darkest moments. Hurt and pain, run along side love and hope. Hate for these things are both motivational and destructive. I would not trade this for the world, return to the more simple side of life.

All of you have passed me by, you all had these chances, now you lay alone with regrete, I dont feel bad anymore, I dont feel sorry anymore, I dont feel like your better anymore. I know I have a life away from you fucks, I know I have the better side of the hill.

The slow process of mutilations, start with the deep inside and move to the flesh mutilations, I can see your pain on a very physical level. Our scars scream out to the world, this is the way it has to be, this is the way it was and will be, kill yourself with me. Its your choice. Fight your fears.

Its your choice, fight your fears, free yourself.
What has become of me, and you, and us.
Open up your arms, bend up your head.
Its your choice, Fight your fears, free yourself.

I feel you as you start to come back from falling away, and this is what I have to say. I feel you as the hours of the day pass, I feel you as the hours of the night pass. I know what your thinking and you tell me what your feeling, and just to let you know, we are going the same way.

The road signs of life, twist and turn and let you know a safe speed. The laws of anything are suppose to be there to help you, and gravity is suppose to hold you down. But when I got your hand, small band, white boy, white girl, drag fast, and left out bullshit, perfect moon for a rag top, the motion of the night, the motions of ones eternal self.

Take your life with me, burn and bury and start again. Burn and bury and kill the regretes from within. Now I feel so empty, now I feel like running away from here, now I feel so hated, now I feel so little, now I feel scared, now I feel beautiful. Now I feel so empty.

Its your choice, fight your fears, free yourself.
What has become of me, and you, and us.
Open up your arms, bend up your head.
Its your choice, Fight your fears, free yourself.

This is for you, everything Ive done. Believe yourself? This is for you everything Ive said. In your self lays the answers to the questions that are life. I will return to you tonight babe, I will be a differant person, in a differant state of mind, the type that screams with a bloddy throat I am will you always, even if you leave me out. This is for you.

And I love you D, I care for you, and I know you care for me. No more bad days, no more hate and carzy shit, no more middle of the night calls. No more fears and tears and beers to try and forget the past, I love you D, and everything you are and are becomeing and have been. I see a future in your eyes, I see a hope in your heart, and I feel love in your arms. I love you lady.
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Songs About Missing Your Death [20 Jun 2004|11:55am]
Cold pizza and 80's music, the house is cold and I am here alone. I know things will change they have to, I cant go on, not here, not like this. I need some thing to make me better the only question is what. I open a window to look out into the new day, I see some people walking three french dogs, they have gold on and high class jogging suits, I know these people have it made, the only problem is, why dont I. I have a few things, yes this is true, I have made a few things, but some thing is still missing from this puzzle I call life.

So if you cant help me than fuck off cause I dont need you, and if your going to just stand in my way, than fuck off, cause I dont want you, and if your going to steal, then fuck off, cause I dont need you.

Baby, when you coming home
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Value of a doll [16 Jun 2004|04:41pm]
Id dont take much for a good man to realize the value of a good woman.

you could count hours and the time would go by any slower I swear it seems like weeks, but that could not be farther from the truth. But I have made it this far half way through it now. No More bitting the lip and late night bull shit, but soon it will start again, and I aint mad a damn bit, I aint mad a damn bit lady.
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tounge tied [13 Jun 2004|03:19am]
Let me show you how a drink can stain
Let me show you how love can change
Let me show you how to hold onto your dreams
Let me show you how to pull yourself out from the inside

Im so ready for this life of mine to start
I would love to explain myself....If I could
I wish I wasnt so uptight, but it sucks to be the fool

I got this little lady
I love her to death you know
Peoples thoughts dont matter so much anymore
There are a hundred shades of white
The many things to do behind the wheel of a car

Im not the person I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will change again baby. I love the cute girls, I love the low cars, and the feeling I get from being a proud American. I know love dont fit boys like me well, but its warm in here would you like to come in. I know emotion dont fit boys like me well, but I have a free hand would you like to hold him. I know Im not the best at anything, and may never be, but I am a damn good dude, and I will fight to fit those words till the day I die.

Im not blind, I think I would shoot myself if I were.
I want things, just like everyone else.

-Hungry Jay
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[12 Jun 2004|02:25pm]
Monster MASH by latexlov3
Home:Fuck Shack
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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have a safe trip baby/ time to wait [12 Jun 2004|01:53pm]
The way you look at me baby
Kills faster than bullets
Support my crew and watch the love return
What are you about, three words and some one shouts.

Blood on my face from a night in the garage
Thinking about my doll thinking about
The truth comes out when you drink
Make slow movements when the night comes
Choose your words like a wise man

You will never catch me running with the police
You will never catch me running with those haters
You will never see me talking to the man
you will never see me talking to those Liars

Loud and low, and I burn alot of steam, one mans simple dreams. A small american made house, a small simple american made hot rod, and a white girl holding on to my arm. They say good things come to thoise who wait. those are people who have been waiting for a while, fuck that, go out there and take your dreams back from the society who has stolen them from you.

Fuck your white collar ambitions, you want 20's and show paint, yeah, well when I was a kid I rode a big wheel, then I grew up a little, and I have never looked back. It aint about that shit no more man, this is real, no one owes anything to you or me, no one should have given us anything, but I swear on the blood the flows through my viens that I will do my best to make sure every one knows where they stand, and if I have any words left to say, I will say them.

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Slow Rise [10 Jun 2004|06:52pm]
Fuck you for leaving me
I will let oyu figure that out
Im still here, clothes and all
Im still here standing by my doll

Crew and family
one in the same
some say its all a game
words taken' wrong
and looks thrown out
what is this all about

Truck getting done
nip and tuck making over that old fuck
primer stuck in my hair, hey baby do you care
I left one and already got another
its true what they say about girls
its true what they say about cars
its true what they say about life

so fuck you gfor walking away from this.
Liar, I will spit on your mothers grave, it will slowly become my goal to destroy everything you have affection for.

Thank you Chico/Dutch/Donny
Low Budget Kings / Revenge Motorsports
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Dont go where I go, your dont belong here [23 May 2004|01:06pm]
I put the music on so loud I cant hear my thoughts
Anything to get away from your memory
I love to hate the moments I used to love
To fast, fucking slow down, slow motion

One situation to another like Ive been doing it for years
I hope all you haters understand the knowledge I hold
I got the world in my hands, so what are you going to do
Talk is all you got on me baby, I am who I say I am
Deadlines are just that, dead lines that lead to no where

I like it like shit talkers walking alone
I like it like that girls in my rides
I like it like that words coming from living
I like it like that, like jeah'

Im not the mother fucker that will wait in line for a piece of your time, I want it when ready to give it to me, dont lead me on, I will crush you, I have told you what I do to people like yuo, so what makes you so fucking special.

The good people in my life never seem to die, and Ive never been one to name names. The people in my life that come and go, make sure to never return, make sure never to slam doors, make sure never to write. Dont wait for tomorrow what you can do today, now. The good people in my life.

Still here evolving fomr the person I was inot the person I will be, like it was ment to be.
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X = Fuck [21 May 2004|02:54pm]
Dont think you can ever fucking lie to me
Dont think you can ever fucking get over on me
Dont think I dont fucking know
Dont think I will change for you
Fuck you
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2 Sides To 1 Night [15 May 2004|01:20pm]
There is this door way that I walk through most every night, what to do when you love some one but you hate the things they do, you know the things they do will kill everything you have worked for, but you would give the world for this person.

I dont wanna change anyone, thats what makes the world such a fucking cool place the odd balls and the nerds and the wierdo's. The things in ones life that destroy them though........???? I love cars, its my addiction, people can do whatever they want about it, some wish I would change, others would just rather kill me off, but thats other people, what should I do about these things in my life that kill.

Would you open your mind for me?
would you try and understand the things I have thought about?
Do you really want to fight instead?
I have a few qestions baby?
What about the next day and the next day?
What about the revolution?
what about revenge?
what about life?
what about our so called future?
yeah, theres a real question.

And at the same time as all of this I am going through some thing I have never gone through before, right when you think you have doine it all and nothing has any shock value any more along come a new struggle. There are girls on both sides now and my mind is suffering form the booze, cars and the work from the day before. The people on bopth sides are telling me to pick them, and I am stuck in the middle and both look so accepting, they both love me for who I am, the things I do and say, and the meterials that make me.

So what do I have to do?

One side hates the other, and ultimatly one side will be crushed and crumble and die, while the other goes on with a smile. but there are no promises, no sure things, no this is the right way. I cant think in right and wrong any more, THE WORL IS FULL OF PEOPLE JUST TRYING THERE HARDEST TO BE HAPPY, thats all. so what if some people get hurt huh???

Damn these thoughts and these questions, DAMN MY EYES.

Yeah, Im Hungry Jay, so what....?
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WHO (WHAT) ARE YOU MOTHER FUCKER! [12 May 2004|08:22pm]
My crew, friends and family, one in the same, fuck it, we are all in this togather. My cars, and my girl, fuck it, we are all in this togather. If you want out say so, if you dont wanna fight for what is ours, fucking say so. if you dont wanna be down, fucking say somthing, I dont have the time to wait around for a time when we all need each other and you split like a nigger. What the fuck, are we doing this or not, I am going to make it even if I have to go it alone.

I am only one person who works his fucking ass off to try and get ahead just a little bit in this fucking world. I dont fucking want much just a simple american man, with a 1953 family and friends back yard bbq dream. Fuck man its so fucking hard to make it in these days. I miss my father, I feel one handed some times, I dont expect you to get this, fuck off wanna be's.

I love the situations I get myself into, I fucking love the people I fucking love, get over it mother fucker. I do what I do becuase I do, if you dont get it, fuck off. I am who I am becuase of my past, if you cant understand this, fuck off. Make you move tonight, becuase you will die tomorrow. Dream your last dream tonight, you only have forever. Kiss your last kiss tonight, cuase your on your last mission, do or die, win or die, try and pass me up in this gave called life, I will stay here and survive.

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[22 Apr 2004|12:57pm]
Fire is what has become of the black cold heart that once held its place in my chest. There is no more cold only heated nights blinded by steamy windows and the radio never sounded so good. I am ready so take my hand, egg shell white in the middle of the night, you make my hand shake and my head shake and my mouth yell words like hell yeah, O shit, and moher fucker.

This is our place no one else is welcome in. No one else could come in. I found this one place down the street form your house, the common mans dreams lay behind those blue jean seams. Its cold outside but we would never know it, its getting late out side, we see the paper boy every night throwing his life away. We see the sun set and its peeking over the hill as I drive home. I love the short drives with you, I love the long drives with you, I just love you.
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Level Headed Heart [18 Apr 2004|01:10pm]
There are no road signs baby, and the speedlimit sign syas go baby go. I dont know what I am doing, I only hope its right. So put your hand near mine and lets make this shit up as we go. Hell yeah, whats that mean, I dont really know, but damn it sure feels good. The questions just keep coming up and the tears will turn off some day. They used to tell you things about me, and now you can see the truth, just a little man with hot rod cars and writtings on the wall, if your gental with me I will be good to you.

If your soft with me I will be good to you. I am simple as true american dreams, true american story's about lilttle houses and fast lil family cars, day jobs, and best friend BBQ's. I might go real far in life, I might stay right here at home, I only wish you could be here with me in every moment.

My angel sleeps one city up, and I wirte one city down.
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Im going to call you soon [15 Apr 2004|05:50pm]
Hold my hand baby and I will take you through the gears, hand over hand like a new type of thing, I hope you get this, I dont wanna go to fast baby. I love the fact of the facts, I can only love you with all I am, have, and had, I can only do everything, I stay the same, I know you know what I mean, smile. I smile alot these days.

I am a bigger ass hole than you, cool huh!
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Lost but not bitter [11 Apr 2004|04:36pm]
Lets get lost.
Take a drive down the freeway of theory and thought.
Lets go get lost today.
Hang a left look, shook, fuck the map grab a book.
Two more days and Im feeling so fucking free.
You dont know what I know, you scare me, I like you.
I like these tinted windows up in the day, down in the night.
Hide and seek for the faint.
I always say I wish things were differant, but not this time.
Your my baby when the top is down.
Lets get lost today, find another place to play.
Lets go get lost today, falling in, while driving out.
The most perfect drive down the block.
Really bad music, really loud, "hit me with your best shot".

Hey baby, I just got lost yesterday, and for once I dont mind a bit, a look, a few words, silence, listen, I got lost today, and I dont mind a bit.
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